Sundtec - Charts and Tables

Building a lay down gable is the perfect opportunity to supply another component.  The framer will save a substantial amount of time by eliminating the need for blocking between the step down trusses.

Many fabricators already drop the step down hip trusses to allow for 2x over framing, but are not building the lay down gables.  You build gables for a Gable roof, why not build it for a Hip end, after all you are a truss fabricator.

The charts in this manual provide you with the appropriate dimensions to input into your truss design software.
Charts provided are for pitches 3/12 to 12/12 in .25 pitch increments and for 16", 19.2" and 24"oc spacing of the step down trusses.

Piggy-back dimensions are also provided for Lay down gables that are too tall.

Check out the Lay down gable photo in our picture gallery for more information.

Buy the Lay down gable charts  for $49.95 and we will include a free copy of our eave height match table.


Download a sample of the Eave Height Match Table, 677k.
These tables are in Adobe Acrobat Version 3.0 pdf format.
You can download a
free copy of Acrobat Version 3.0 Reader.

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